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The name "Italy" comes from Greek "italos", which means calf. It was originally given to the region of Calabria by Greek settlers in the 8th century BCE, and was extended to the whole peninsula under Roman emperor Augustus.

Official Name: Italian Republic (Repubblica Italiana)
Previous name: Kingdom of Italy
Capital: Rome
Location: Southern Europe
Government Type: Republic
//Flag adopted//: 19 June 1946
Coat of Arms adopted: 5 May 1948

Location: Italy is a country in southern Europe. It is a boot-shaped peninsula that extends into the Mediterranean Sea. Italy is bordered by France, Switzerland, Austria, and Slovenia.

1. What is the overall environmental health status of your country? Identify a major landmark/area within your country that is experiencing environmental issues.
Italy like many other surrounding countries has been slow to solve it’s environmental problems. Air and water pollution are major concerns for Italy’s environment.
“United Nations sources estimate that carbon monoxide emissions have increased by 12% in the time frame of 1985-1989’’
In the 1990s Italy had the world’s tenth highest level of industrial carbon dioxide emissions. Water pollution is another environmental issue in Italy. The nation’s rivers and coasts have been polluted by industrial and agricultural contaminants and its lakes contaminated by acid rain.
In 2001 the nation had 160 km of renewable water resources with 53% used in farming activity and 33% used for industrial purposes. Facilities for the treatment and disposal of industrial wastes are inadequate. Italy's cities have produce 19.1 million tons of solid waste per year. Of Italy's mammal species, 10 are endangered, as well as 7 bird species and 202 plant species. Endangered species include the Italian grey partridge, Italian spadefoot toad, and the scarce large blue and false ringlet butterflies. The Sardinian pika and Spengler's freshwater mussel are extinct. http://www.nationsencyclopedia.com/Europe/Italy-ENVIRONMENT.html (accessed on the 23-10-08)

2. Looking at the effects of climate change on a global scale, will your country be affected by a rise in sea levels? Discuss how the Antarctic melting may lead to dire effects on the land and broader population.
Most of Italy will not be affected by rising sea levels. When Antartica melts and the water ries 14ft only the outside bordered by the sea will be affected. Visit the below website to look at the rising sea.

3 What strategies are the government bodies or other groups within your country implementing to combat the environmental issues?
Italy is clearing dumpings of rubbish in landfill sites and removing them. Italy pledged to in January to clean up the mountains of rubbish.