The flag of the Russian Federation

1. Determine the population of the country you have selected and any other facts/stats on your country that you doom relevant (geographic location, climate etc). A picture of the country's flag should also be provided.

The population of Russia is 140,702,096. In Russia it has a wide natural resource base including deposits of oil, timber, natural gas, coal and many strategic materials. The length of the coastline around Russia is 37,653 km. Russia is the largest country in area but its critically positioned in relation to major sea lanes of the world, although the size its country lacks in proper soils and climates. Russia located in Northern Asia and nearby the artic ocean, between Europe and the Northern Pacific Ocean.

map of Russia
map of Russia

2. What is the overall environmental health status of your country? Identify a major landmark/area within your country that is experiencing environmental issues.
Most inhabited areas of Russia are majorly polluted. The Soviet Union was incredibly negligent to the environment. They would never let it get in the way of economic growth. Oil and toxic waste spills were overlooked and never featured on news stories. 40% of Russia is classed as under high or moderately high ecological stress. Agricultural areas are also quite polluted due to the improper application of chemicals. In-land seas and fresh water areas are often polluted for this reason also. Probably the most major problem is the over cutting of forests.

a cathedral in Russia

3. Discuss the human impacts that may lead to the environment damage highlighted above?
The impact on humans that may lead to environmental damage is the air pollution and water pollution is terrible due to the people chucking our all there litter in the rivers and creeks, also the carbon dioxide out of the transport has made the air pollution very disgusting. Russia has many other issues with pollution, so in the next decade the government in Russia need to come up with a great plan to decrease the pollution or their country will become very outrageous in its impact on the environment.
St. Basil's stripes by Andrei Z.
St. Basil's stripes by Andrei Z.

4. What strategies are the government bodies or other groups within your country implementing to combat the environmental issues?
Since the disbanding of the Soviet Union in 1991 Russia has started to recognise their environmental problem. In 1992 the Russian government established a Ministry of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources. While this seems like a step with all talk and no action the Russian government has at least started on the massive task they have of cleaning up their country.

the environmental issues of Russia

5. Are the strategies being implemented above going to make a significant difference?
Why/how is there another way they could combat the issue? What is your opinion?

The strategies that the Russian’s of thought of would difference because if they go along with these plans the country will have a cleaner and healthier environment to live in. They could fight this issue by making sure people put there rubbish in the bins and try and make the country a cleaner place. My opinion is if these ideas go ahead the country will be a lot cleaner for the people of Russia to live and socialise in.

an oil spill in Russia
an oil spill in Russia

6. Will rising sea levels affect you country?
If sea levels rise then the area of Russia that is bordering on the Pacific Ocean will expect to go underwater. Luckily most of Russia’s population is towards the west But rising sea levels aren’t really that much of an issue in Russia; the main problem they face is polluted water ways.

toxic waste dump in Russia
toxic waste dump in Russia

7. What is you country doing in regards to sustainable energy sources?
The country of Russia is thinking of new energy sources to save power in the country so that they don’t have to waste as much power as they used to. They are starting to cut down the power load in factories so that they can save power resources .It’s all taking time but eventually it will be beneficent. In the future Russia's government will have to come up with idea's to break down the sustainable power use to ensure that the environment is healthier.

8.Has your country signed on the
Kyoto protocol?
Yes, on the 3rd of September 2004 Russia signed the Kyoto protocol. It is an international pledge for countries to reduce their carbon emissions.