1. Population 5,062,011
Area 78,782km2
Capital City Edinburgh
Language Gaelic, Scots
Water (%) 1.9
Main exports wool,
Textile goods, beef, lamb,
Cotton and cotton fabric

Flag of Scotland

2. Scotland’s energy consumption is mostly fossil fuels - coal, oil and gas. This has given them acid rain, other air pollutants and toxic wastes, but their biggest waste is carbon dioxide, CO2.
More than 85% of the waste produced in Scotland is sent directly to landfill.
The National Waste Plan, is
Almost 13% of Scotland’s municipal waste is currently recycled or composted. The National Waste Plan sets a target of recycling or composting 55% of the waste collected by local authorities by 2020.
It’s the high use of fossil fuels that is making the things like acid rain and toxic water that kills off the native flora and fauna. There are very high waste levels and landfill in Scotland that are choking the land and the pore air quality is not helping at all.
A National Waste Plan to cut down all the landfill from 85% to 55% by 2020 and use renewable energy and less fossil fuels.

8. Scotland has not signed on the Kyoto protocol