Turkish flag
Turkish flag

Determine the population of the country you have selected and any other facts/stats on your country that you deem relevant (geographic location, climate etc). A picture of the country’s flag should also be provided.

71,892,808 (July 2008 est.)
Population growth rate
1.013% (2008 est.)


Total area: 780,580 sq km
Land area: 770,760 sq km
Water area: 9,820 sq km

2. What is the overall environmental health status of your country? Identify a major landmark/area within your country that is experiencing environmental issues.

The health status of Turkey has improved in recent years but remains poor compared to the rest of the WHO European Region. Population growth has steadily declined since the 1980s. Urbanization has accelerated in the last 40 years, and currently 68% of the population lives in urban areas due in part to migration from the east. Hasty development led to poorly controlled construction practices, resulting in potentially unsafe and polluted developments.

Environment - current issues
· Water pollution
· Air pollution
· Deforestation

3. Discuss the human impacts that may lead to the environmental damage highlighted above.

4. What strategies are the government bodies or other groups within your country implementing to combat the environmental issues?

5. Are the strategies being implemented above going to make a significant difference? How/why? Is there another way they could combat the issue? What is your opinion?

6. Looking at the effects of climate change on a global scale, will your country be affected by a rise in sea levels? Discuss how the Antarctic melting may lead to dire effects on the land and broader population.

7. What is your country doing in regards to sustainable energy sources?


8. Has your country signed on the Kyoto protocol?

No Turkey Has Not signed The Kyoto Emissions Plan